Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Life Hidden in Him

I remember hearing of David Wilkerson years ago and read The Cross and the Switchblade in my youth.  My heart grieves for his family and rejoices in his meeting Jesus face to face.  As far as I know, this man's face was not plastered over the covers of books, newspapers, magazines and television.  Oh sure he may have been on a magazine or two, but his name was not commercialized and yet his obedience to the Lord has rescued numbers beyond my imagination and impacted even more.  I've gone with my parents when the ministered at Teen Challenge and saw the transformation of lives.
Last night in prayer, I was challenged by the Lord about my motives.  When I clean the bathrooms at church, do I go about telling everyone what I've done?  If I do, I am lifting my own name up.  That doesn't do anything for anyone, not even me.  Jesus said that if He is lifted up He will draw all men unto Himself.  It's all about Jesus and His Kingdom.  David Wilkerson was so radically changed that He couldn't help but lift up the Name of the One who transformed his life.
It's all about a wedding to come.  There is a royal wedding about to take place and not the one in England.  It is the one where the Bridegroom King is coming for a pure and spotless bride.  The bride must lose her own identity to take on His name.  She will not only take on His name, but she will bear it in all ways.  Her former identity will be hidden in Him as they become one.  Are we ready?  Getting ready isn't just cramming for His appearing at the last moment, but changing our ways.  Until I change my ways, I am not truly changed.  I must die to self and hide myself in Him now.
Lord, may everything I do be as unto You!

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