Friday, January 14, 2011

Have you no shame?

Jeremiah 3:3b "Yet you have the brazen look of a prostitute; you refuse to blush with shame." 
As I read this yesterday, it really struck me as I am in a generation that no longer blushes.  We have become so hardened in our worldliness that we are beginning to not blush, and even those of us who are called by the name, Christian, are the ones whose actions are shameful.   I certainly have told my share of vulgar jokes and laughed at others' telling them.  My behavior has warranted Heavenly Father speaking to me in this tone as well.  When I join in unwholesome conversation with unbelievers, I in a sense am giving them permission to continue.  If I blush at their jokes, they will more likely feel conviction.
The context of the scripture is God's speaking to the nation of Israel as they have chased other gods.  It is interesting that He points out that those from other nations who worship other gods do not exchange their gods for another and yet Israel has the true God and turns from Him.  They dig broken cisterns when they have the spring of living water right in front of them.
God's plan for us is to be set apart and worship Him only.  He wants us to love Him which is the first and greatest command.  To show love to Him we must honor and obey His commands.  He has set us apart, so we must act like we belong to Him and not to the world.  He loves me enough to allow me to take His name in a relationship of betrothal.  I want to wear his name as His bride and not as one who would easily trade Him for a stone. 
Shame was not something intended for the Bride of Christ.  After creation, man was in the garden naked and unashamed.  A toddling child runs around without clothing and is not aware that it is inappropriate.  He must be taught that clothing is a standard.  Some children become embarrassed to kiss their parents in front of their friends as they grow older.  Some even begin to feel shame for their relationship with Jesus at a certain point.  Why, then does the Word say, "... and the one who believes in him will never be put to shame." in Romans 9:33 as well as several other places?  I believe the answer lies in context of time you live for.  If you live for today, you may be ashamed of simple things that really have no lasting merit.  If you live for eternity, and you hope in the Lord, you will not be put to shame. 
If my eyes remain fixed on the Bridegroom King, I will not indulge in shameful actions.  When I stand before my Maker in eternity, I will not have a life worthy of shame.  Even if I have committed shameful acts, He will wash away any shame if I ask Him too.  There will be no reason for me to hide my eyes as He embraces me in eternity.  When I live for eternity, the things that the world told me were shameful will melt away in the waves of His love for me.

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