Monday, January 24, 2011

A Prayer for Our Government Leaders

Most Holy Heavenly Father,
We recognize You first and foremost as the Great King, The Mighty One, and Your  Son, Jesus, the Captain of the Hosts.  You have ALL authority in heaven and on earth and under the earth.  Through You and by You all things were created.  You said of Your Son that the government would be upon His shoulders and we stand now in agreement with Your WORD.  We recognize that it was no accident, and that this plan was Yours from the beginning of time.  All authority was put into place by Your appointment, authority and permission.  Now we lift up to You, those who You have called, “For such a time as this.”  We stand beside them now in intercession as Aaron and Hur; who stood beside Moses and held his weary arms up.  We lift them up knowing that You will give them supernatural strength to stand when they have nothing left to rely on but You.
Many are holding an office, Lord, for the first time after running on the principles and foundation that You alone placed within their spirits.  I pray that you line each official up with another who will keep them accountable to the direction that You set forth before time began.  Equip them to serve You, their leaders, each other, and those who depend on their service.  Open their ears to hear Your voice.  Open their minds to remember Your words.  Open their hearts to receive Your love.  Open their spirits to the awe of who You are.  With all of the voices that call out to them right now, give them the supernatural ability to focus on the voice of Truth.
Help them to pay attention to what You say, to turn their ears to Your words and not let them out of their sight and keep them in their hearts.  For Your words are life and health to them; to their whole bodies.  Above all else, show them how to guard their hearts.  Help them to make a covenant with their lips that no perversity or corrupt talk will come from their mouths.  Let their eyes be fixed on You.  Looking straight ahead may their eyes not wander when confronted with the vile and wicked things of this world.  Let them fix their gaze directly on You and keep their minds pure.
Be the light to their paths.  Shine brightly and keep their feet firmly planted in Your ways.  Let them choose each step with wisdom and when in doubt let them not forget to call upon Your name for direction and clarity of vision.  Let them not turn to the right or to the left, but straight ahead.  Keep their feet from evil.  Holy Spirit, come, be their caution.  Father, give them strength to follow through, to heed the caution of Your Spirit and boldly proceed in the calling, in the path that You have set before them.
Finally, Lord, I pray for Your abundant blessings upon them.  May they lift their eyes up to the mountains and know that is where their help comes from.  Their help comes from You, O Lord, and You alone.  They cannot finish this holy assignment without the Maker of heaven and earth.  Let them feel Your presence and know these truths.  You will not let their foot slip.  You who watch over them will not slumber.  You who watches over Israel will neither sleep nor slumber.  Let them feel Your presence and know these truths.  You watch over them and shade them at their right hand.  The sun will not harm them by day nor the moon by night.  Let them feel Your presence and know these truths.  You, O Lord, will keep them from all harm and watch over their lives.  You will watch over their coming and going from now until forever!  Sustain them with Your Word.
In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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