Friday, March 18, 2011

Missed Opportunities

I just started doing yet another time-wasting activity.  It is Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  Today as I was playing the Lord showed me something that I often do in life.  I miss an opportunity for the best.  There are chances for me to let the game line up 5 + gems in a row which would be a great score, but I am busy trying to hope that my little line-up will amount to something.  I arrange what I think I can, to prepare for what could be and not what will be.  Shortly, something falls down on the other side and breaks up my plan and then I see where I should have been looking in the first place.
How many times do I make plans to do my own thing in life and miss out on the plans God has for me?  I try to make something work that isn't going to work no matter what I try.  Jesus didn't even do His own thing.  He waited and watched Father and did only what He saw Father doing.  He left His place of glory to dwell among man.  While He was fully God, he was also fully man.  A paradox I will not understand in this lifetime.  He could have tried to line things up differently as he prepared to go to the cross.  He KNEW that is what had to happen for me to see Father and He chose to go through with it.  His words in the garden were, "Not my will..."  That is amazing.  He chose to endure that temporary separation from the Godhead and even cried out, "why have You forsaken me?"  The torment of his flesh at that moment caused this cry even though He knew the truth.  He was following through with the plan He and Father and Holy Spirit devised from the beginning to redeem His beloved bride.  He never missed an opportunity to do Father's will.
Father is doing much in this day and in this time.  I don't want to miss it!  I don't want to lose out on an opportunity to bring glory to His name.  I have failed time and time again to do what is right because I was trying to line the wrong sequence up.  I want to be aligned in His ways and watch to see where He is moving.  One of the hardest things for me to do is say, "I will wait for You to move."  Not just that I would say that, but truly wait on Him.

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