Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 minutes

So what can I say in 10 minutes unrehearsed?
I probably can say a lot, so lets go!
I have been in a state of awe regarding the crucifixion and resurrection and Passover realities. I've read and studied the Word this week, but nothing really has penetrated as much as knowing that my Savior chose to give up His life in a brutal excruciating way so that I may have life.
I was talking with my Mother-in-law yesterday and this revelation is what guides our actions. We ask Him to increase our revelation and He does.  When He increases our revelation we are now responsible to do something with that.  Do we reject it?  Do we chew on it?  Do we try to prove/disprove it?  Do we test it?  Do we quickly accept it?  Do we search it out?  How do we deal with revelation?  If we choose to do nothing, we have done something which is closest to rejecting it.
Each time I read the Word, it is new revelation to me.  Yes, even John 3:16.  Our pastor preached on John 3:16 Resurrection Sunday.  After hearing it over and over again in my lifetime, it still makes a difference to me and I can still actively listen to a message where that is the only scripture shared.  What do I do with this Word?
Sometimes I read to just get my time in and a lot of that time, the reading doesn't penetrate me. Sometimes, I read too much at a time to actually let it penetrate me.  I really need to take a portion of scripture and stop when I am being ministered to by it and chew on it more.  I don't think reading the Bible in a year is wrong and actually it is one of my goals, but I need to do more than just read it.  I need to let it read me.  I need to let it penetrate my heart.  I need to consume it!  So my new personal challenge is to take the Word.  Read my daily segments that will get me the whole book in a year AND I'm going to start with at least 2 days a week, meditate on more than what I've read or what is in a devotional guide and search Him out.
There is my 10 minutes and a challenge for myself.

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